Earthborne @ The HOT Spot COURTyard

This Friday, Dec. 12th 2014 7-9pm, we are ecstatic to host our 1st event since softly opening.  A few weeks ago an old friend, Sharyn, shared the most delishuz handcrafted FACIAL products with me.  She knew she was hitting my buttons deep; just the aromatherapy magic that goes into the blending is amazing; coupled with the medicinally blended organic bases these cremes left me smelling, looking and feeling like an ocean goddess!

Then she told me Ronda Jo Good’s story and how she came to make the products…  made me love them even MORE!  

It is an honor to host this  special event of fashion, beauty and dance at The HOT Spot; introducing Unique, handcrafted all natural product line for Face, body and Bath.  Join us, get to feel them for yourself and find out what local botanicals she uses to protect herself from the harsh Florida sun – hear Ronda’s story!   Smell them on your skin as they delushuzly smooth any dryness you may feel from the sudden cold.  

We free sampls to enjoy as well as one of a kind exclusive gift sets for the holidays,  products for sale as well as wholesale options.  

To top of the evening – a showcase performance by ATMA Yoga Dancers.  Their unique style is sensual, flowing and will surely mesmerize you with organic flow.

Join us to try, share, learn, acquire more than before!

649 NE 79th ST, Rear COTTAGE B, Miami FL 33138

HOT Spot’s 1st Art Basel


The HOT Spot’s Nov. 15.14 Soft Opening = TOTAL success…  The Showroom space sparkles + DJ Carlox spun musical sound webs + pop up performance (Atma Yoga Dance = spectacular surprise) + virtual runway show (OUT OF THE WORLD) =+= the sales FLOWED all night & we danced under star light as our hearts shinned bright + bright w/old friends and new kin = COMMUNITY!?!

The night was such a success it left us wondering … what’s next?

Art Basel!  That’s what!

The HOT Spot is rocken’ over to our FAVORITE event and gallery venue - 7th Circuit Studios + The Moksha Family Gallery – setting up The HOT Spot’s 1st vending booth we are soooooo happy that it is at this MAGICAL event.  Over the years Ray Orraca has put a lot of love, sweat and dedication into bringing together the elements of mind-blowing sounds and visuals.  That coupled with the  visionary, mind expanding selection of art chosen to represent in Art Basel 2014 is by far our prefered backdrop for this first “festival venture” for HOT Couture and The HOT Spot.

 “CYBERMYSTICS” The 6th Annual Moksha Art Fair 2014

The event starts 8pm Saturday night until the weeeeee hours of the mornin’.   The HOT Spot will be open as long as we humanly can stay focused with all the amazing things happening all around us.   Some of the HOTtest HC harem pants will be on 50% and our selection of locally made functional art IS IN FULL EFFECT.   

This is THE Art Basel 2014 closing celebration! C u there :-)



Opening Sat. nov 15th …


                                                                                                                                      Sat. Nov. 15th from 6-10 pm 

HOT COUTURE (HC) is now officially open :-)

Join the celebration and be the first to view                                                                  Full line of Harem pants = REtail and WholeSALE = onLine + showRoom LOCation

HOT Couture Harem Pants Unveiled Virtual Fashion Show                                     never seen before!!!

HC – Harem pants + unique, eco, handmade designs = tops & accessories  compliment pants = multiple visual combinations

ROCK the harmen pants and SPORT the HC style…                                            HOTtest models, LOCAL and handMADE fashion 

All HC Harem pants will be on 30% sale and all the earrings, accessories, t-shirts etc. featured in HC will also be specially marked with Holiday Sales pricing during the opening.  As the bartender serves us local brews and alcohol the DJ’s gunna spin up some killer vibes.

LET’s warm up the HOT Spot!!!

You’ve been on the journey with us here @ HOT Couture; from our trip to Thailand, to the first box of merchandise we received from dad in Bangkok… to today … 

The Hot Spot Showroom opens every Thursday 12 – 6pm.                               Harem pants, waist pouches/purses, tribal earrings and pho gauges.         Partnering with local designers, featuring items that compliment the HC Style; hyper local fashion art for everyday, music events, extreme lifestylez and the eco lover who loves the imagination, traveling and the invariable options posed by sacred geometry.  All these elements combined support us when we create our customized styles too – from custom clothing to customized styling we assist you creating your individual AND UNIQUE style.

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